Friday, September 4, 2009

Purpose Statement

my purpose on this earth is to contribute the greatest level excellence I am allowed to give. I will overcome any and all signs of opposition. I may be delayed, postponed, or even denied but I will never be stopped. I will become an example of unwaivering inspiration to lead those that would do the same. I will always be grounded with honesty, perserverance, compassion, and a spirit that will not settle for mediocrity! I am a shining example that success will never be an over night achievement. I will prove that success comes from the days and nights toiled in deep thought and consistant action of ones desired place in the world. I have within me the greatest of treaures found only in the core of the human soul. The power to do anything my imagination will provide!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Be Very Clear

"Knowledge is power and clarity is knowing how to use it"

You must be absolutely clear! The rest of your life begins right now so there is no time to waste confused and dazed in reality. If you want to move forward in life you have to develope a crystal clear vision of where your going. I figured this out years ago when I set my first major goal and that was to make the US Olympic team for taekwondo. I spent years training myself every day, sometimes I would be completely consumed by it. Everyday I moved towards it the vision got a little bit clearer and that got me excited thinking about it. Thats exactly how I feel now going after my dream of playing basketball in the nba. As the vision opens up to me not only do I get more excited but I become a much better player too. Vision & will power will take you places where talent never can.

I know there are so many people in life that go along blinded to there own ignorance. Some of these people are by moral terms bad and some are good. There is no excuse or exception for the ignorance of unawareness. I mean Martin Luther King Jr. had amazing vision but so did Hitler. Monumental figures in history all had one thing in common, an intimate connection with there source of potential. If you have big plans and get that tight feeling in your gut thinking about doing it when is the right time to begin? Create the vision, outline it, examine it and if you still feel it then make sure you do it!

Life is a game of no do overs so I say do it all and lets all be a little clearer on what it is we are doing.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Always Work on Yourself

I heard a quote by Abraham Lincoln once when he said "If i had seven hours to chop down a tree I would spend six sharpening my axe"

When I heard that I thought alot about what I am doing on a daily basis to sharpen my axe. What I mean is everyday we dont do something to get better thats another day we didnt get any better. If you have a goal of some accomplishment then you must be willing to get better every day. Lets face it the world doesnt owe any of us anything, we are the ones who owe and I believe it is our responsibility to make ourselves into the best versions of ourselves in order to do this. As human beings we all have our uniqe callings in life and whatever that may be dont take it lightly, you were given your gifts for a purpose.

I would have to say one of the worst things we could do on this planet is ignore these gifts and choose to scoot along in life. Unfortuantly so many people do and because of this they are unhappy and unfulfilled. If you want more out of life than work harder on yourself than you do on your job. Be willing to be a little bit better today than you were yesterday. Success in life is never given to those who pray at night and sleep until noon each day. You cant expect great results without great effort. We have the choice to spend our day in lower activitys that keep us from moving up or higher activitys which propell us to move up. If each of us got up an hour earlier each day, opened up a good book, exercised a little more, ate better food, treated our family a little better we would be a much better world.

Whatever aspirations you have in your life dont doubt yourself by spending your time in negative activities. If you want to have success in your life be a little bit better each day. I myself was reminded of this not long ago and realized I had fallen prey to some down spiraling habits. I am thankful for the higher power reminding me that none of those things will aid me in my mission of daily self improvement. So remember a tree never grows in one day, it takes years of watering and sun light to flourish. Each day to a few positive action steps to grow into the person you envision.

Thursday, July 30, 2009


“Faith is the ability to see far into the future beyond your current circustances and have the courage to put yourself in that place everyday regardless of what the world has to say about it”

The hardest part about life is sometimes believing it will turn out the way you want. Now a days there is so much negativity surrounding us it seems like life is this way. Where there is nothing but war and famine all over the world, where people hate each other and there is little hope left. Alot of this is true but only to a certain extent because the reality is the love in the world far out weighs the hatred. So much of this perception has to do with wide spread media projecting the negative images of the world while the positive falls to the side. Because of this so many people have forgotten the truly great power they posses and have settled for lives of mediocrity.

For those who have decided to listen to the spirit of there desires and believe they are meant to do great things I want to reach out to you. For those who are miserable in life and the only joy they get out of it is tearing others down please feel free to put this information aside and never cross paths with any of us. I want to explain possibly my favorite topic which is faith. I believe this is the cementing force that will determine someone’s overall worth in what they want to accomplish. When you have unwaivering faith there is nothing you cannot do! There is no wall you cannot climb and no river you cannot swim. When you speak with conviction in your voice some may question your goals but they cannot question your resolve about obtaining them.

In our pursuit to achieve our hearts desires we must understand the obstacles that have been placed before us so we can hop over them as we run for the finish line. The bigger the dream the bigger the obstacles but the good thing about all of this is the greater your faith the easier it becomes. Having belief in yourself and your mission I believe is the hardest part of the journey, once you see your dream in front of you and know it is yours to take every action you take becomes inspired action. It is no longer hard work, even when your tired if your on purpose with that you want its hard not to enjoy it all the way through. Its much different then clocking in and doing something because it’s apart of your job. When you go to work you build someone else’s dream, we want to build our own dream and help others do the same. That to me is living alongside faith.

Stay safe and stay true, help others and in return they will support you!